Real Estate

All Amount in NTD Millions

Industrial land and factory buildingChungli City369
Terraced housesKaohsiung City7.2
Factory and office buildingHsinchu Industrial Zone3,480
Land in Protection AreaTaipei City71
Industrial land and factory buildingLinkou, Taipei County169
Officepanchiao, Taipei County182
Residential landTaipei City313
Agricultural landLuchu Township, Taoyuan County93
Courtyard storeTaipei City91
Land for hotelsHualien County1,674
Basement storeTaipei City(Rental)
Fragmental landsTamsui Town, Taipei County7
Shopping MallTaipei City1,448
Courtyard shopTaipei City140
OfficeTainan City37
Industrial land and factory buildingKinmen County134
Factory and office buildingKaohsiung City40
villaTainan City7
Factory building and office13 Places nationwide18,600
Industrial land and factory buildingTainan City165
Factory buildingTienjin, China706
Industrial landWantan Township, Pintung County35
Factory building for computer industryTaipei City1,456
Residential landTucheng City, Taipei County163
Land in Hsinyi Designated AreaTaipei City286
Land in Protection AreaShjr City, Taipei County4

Intangible Assets

All Amount in NTD Millions

PatentLight-emitting display manufacturing technology570
Stock rightsPrecision plastic components manufacturer109
TechnologyChips R&D software64
Use rightsCustomer relationship, franchise right3,450
TechnologyChips manufacturing technology149
Stock rightsSterilization products' manufacturer190
Use rightsCargo channel70
Stock rightsAudio and video appliances manufacturer42
Use rightsChips designing software68
Technologywafer packaging technology31
Stock rightsOptical communication components manufacturer61
TechnologyCommunication Chips R&D technology150
Stock rightsOptical materials manufacturer170
StockStocks of public listed companies230
TechnologyLight-emitting module manufacturing technology20
TechnologyPaper material manufacturing technology40
PatentLocks patent44
PatentConnectors design patent34
GoodwillFranchised waste disposal company84
Use rightsUse rights of electronic marketing channel104

Personal Property

All Amount in NTD Millions

Machinery and office equipmentOptical display manufacturing equipment6,080
Machinery & equipmentChips testing equipment490
Machinery & equipmentOptical storage media manufacturing equipment4,560
Machinery & equipmentMotor manufacturing equipment15
Transportation equipmentAirplane265
R&D equipmentsCIS laboratory equipments5
Machinery & equipmentChips testing equipment450
Furniture & fixtures, machinery & equipmentSmall consumer electronic products manufacturing equipment500
Machinery & equipmentBacklight components manufacturing equipment48
Furniture & fixturesBig computer switchboard360
Machinery & equipmentOptical storage media manufacturing equipment160
Machinery & equipmentSemiconductor packaging equipment460
Plant equipmentLCD panel plant equipment134
Machinery & equipmentSemiconductor packaging equipment196
Office equipment, Machinery & equipmentZippers production equipment162
Machinery & equipmentFiberglass production equipment20
Machinery & equipmentTextile equipment1,340
Machinery & equipmentLCD TV production equipment77
Machinery & equipmentMotherboard production equipment18
Machinery & equipmentScientific Chinese medicine production equipment40